Scorched Earth Tactics Are Not Progressive

Parisa Dehghani-Tafti’s upset victory over incumbent Theo Stamos for Commonwealth Attorney in the June 11 primary has the Democratic Party spinning the narrative that a “progressive” was elected Arlington County prosecutor.

I don’t think so. What is progressive about spending over $600,000 of out of state money to smear a dedicated local official?

What is progressive about doing so at the behest of a vindictive former governor with a personal agenda?

What is progressive about conducting a media blitz to discredit a fellow Democrat by distorting her record with misrepresentations, innuendo and outright lies? When it comes to malicious distortion and outright lies, Parisa outdoes Trump himself.

How Can A Prosecutor Enforce the Law When She Can’t Tell the Truth?

One of Parisa’s false claims is that in 1999 Theo Stamos prosecuted as felons two 10 year old students for putting soap in their teacher’s water bottle. The truth, though, was far from the tale that was spun:

  • Theo Stamos was not the Commonwealth’s Attorney at the time nor was she the prosecuting attorney working on the case;
  • the “soap” that adulterated the teacher’s drinking water was a chemical agent, ethyl alcohol;
  • the teacher, who sought medical treatment after drinking the contaminated water and filed criminal charges against the youths, stopped teaching as a result;
  • After a brief period of probation, the charges against the youths were dismissed entirely

Another Parisa lie–prompting an unprecedented public rebuke from the Arlington County Police Department (ACPD)–had it that an officer who sustained blunt force trauma and 60 stitches from being struck with a jagged metal pipe was guilty of police brutality for killing his assailant in self defense.

Parisa was unfazed. She responded to the ACPD rebuke by issuing another lie about Theo.

Decriminalization of Marijuana by the Courts: a Pipe Dream

If you’re looking for an impartial county prosecutor, the prospects don’t look too good right now. But not to worry. Potheads are delighted that Parisa won’t be prosecuting anyone for possession of marijuana.

Unfortunately that illusion went up in smoke when the state supreme court ruled in May against a Norfolk prosecutor seeking to dismiss charges against some defendants charged with pot possession. The result? Until the General Assembly decriminalizes pot, Parisa cannot decline to prosecute marijuana possession without the consent of the court.

An Independent Alternative to Slash/Burn Electioneering

Are you tired of the interference of national and state political leaders in local politics? Do you reject their use of PAC money from billionaires to wage smear campaigns against opponents and corrupt elections in the process? Then you should consider an Independent alternative.

If elected to County Board, you can be sure that I will advocate against outside interference in local elections.

In addition, if elected, I pledge to:

  • Seek tax relief for residents and businesses and stop the exodus of federal agencies from Arlington.
  • Preserve green space and emphasize basic services like: streets, schools, libraries and public safety.
  • Promote transparency by requiring publication of official documents at least 72 hours before board and commission meetings.
  • Provide a voice on County Board for all taxpayers.

As a 15-year Westover resident, long-time civic activist and current member of the Transportation Commission–I have both the experience and independence to promote these reforms.

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