Why I’m Running For County Board

Former County Board member John Vihstadt “endorses” Missing Middle Opponent Audrey Clement

I’m Audrey Clement, the Independent candidate for Arlington County Board. As a 18-year Westover resident, long time civic activist, and past member of the Transportation Commission, I’m running for County Board because the Board has pushed harmful policies resulting in: overcrowded schools,  gentrification, loss of green space, and a 10 year average annual effective tax rate increase that is twice the rate of inflation. 

A major Board priority that I oppose is its push for so-called “missing middle” housing–multi-family dwellings like duplexes, triplexes and apartments in single family home neighborhoods. Contrary to what the County says, “missing middle” is a euphemism for up-zoning that will not make housing more affordable. Instead it will inflate land values, resulting in higher housing prices, overcrowded schools, more traffic congestion, loss of  tree canopy, increased runoff and more air pollution.

I also oppose tax gouging Arlington residents to pay for boondoggles like the $150 million loan the County made in December, 2021 to Jair Lynch to purchase Barcroft Apartments on the Pike without even the benefit of a public hearing. As a result, the public doesn’t even know the purchase price or whether the loan was financially prudent or necessary, given the involvement of other investors like Amazon.

If elected, I pledge to:

  • Say YES to affordable housing and NO to “Missing Middle” up-zoning.
  • Seek immediate tax relief for residents and businesses.
  • Preserve Arlington’s cultural heritage. Stop permitting the destruction of historic structures.
  • Save our parks, streams and tree canopy. Stop clearcutting wooded areas on public property.
  • Say YES to real social justice reforms and NO to symbolic gestures.

If you share my agenda, then:

  • Spread the word about my candidacy.
  • Donate to my campaign.
  • Help make the “Arlington Way” more than an empty phrase.

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