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Washington Post Coverage of Ethically Challenged Incumbent Board Member


“Dorsey said he realized he had neglected to disclose the union contribution to Metro after Audrey Clement, an opponent in his campaign for reelection in Arlington, criticized him for both the $10,000 ATU donation and an equally large one from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. She said the money should disqualify him from discussions or votes involving labor negotiations.” Coverage of Public Comment At Recent County Board Meeting


“Audrey Clement’s perpetual County Board campaign took the offensive at last Saturday’s board meeting, attacking board chairman Christian Dorsey for accepting campaign contributions from unions that potentially could benefit from decision-making during his service on the board of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.”

ARLnow Coverage of 2019 Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum


Overall, Clement argued that development drives up costs to build housing and that even dedicated affordable housing units come at a steep cost. Coverage of 2019 Civic Federation Candidate Forum


“I would characterize Arlington’s growth as growth on steroids,” said challenger Audrey Clement, portraying current County Board members as putting their heads in the sand on its ramifications while allowing “developers and builders to line their pockets.”

ARLnow Coverage of 2019 County Board Independent Candidates

Clement also told ARLnow she believes she’s able to earn the support of Arlington voters now more than ever thanks to those who oppose the Board’s approval of the HQ2 deal with Amazon, which has led to rising rents and home values, and potentially higher real estate taxes. She’s pledged to fight for tax relief for those “priced out of their homes” if elected.

“For those who want to make a killing by selling their property, Amazon HQ2 was a good thing. For voters who want to stay here on fixed incomes, it may be up and out,” she said. “If so, they have Katie and Christian to thank.” Coverage of FY2019 Arlington County Adopted Budget

“Placing vital programs on the chopping block is the best way for County Board to push a tax increase while concealing real pork in the budget,” Clement said. Coverage of 2018 Arlington Civic Federation Debate

Kanninen, who won the 2014 election over Clement by a two-to-one margin, also stayed true to her own past performance: She was willing to accept her opponent’s verbal body blows during the debate, while pressing home her message that the school system is acting as responsible stewards with the public’s money.

Clement, who has run multiple times for several local offices, was having none of that argument. She promised the voters would “get more bang for the School Board’s buck” if they elected her.

“Arlington spends 2.5 times the state average for new classroom capacity,” she said at the heavily attended forum. “The additional money that Arlington is spending . . . is not resulting in better performance. We don’t have better schools.” Story On Design of New Reed Elementary School

“It will force 9- and 10-year-olds to march up three flights of stairs several times a day,” Clement told the Board. “While this scheme furthers APS’ commitment to a more-car diet, it will impose physical hardship on students and drive up costs.” story On Changing Name of Washington-Lee High School

“Had not George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson – all Virginia native sons and slaveholders – greased the skids of institutionalized slavery by agreeing to write it into the U.S. Constitution, Lee would not have taken up arms against his own nation,” Clement said in a missive to supporters. “To strike Lee’s name from Washington-Lee High School without also striking Washington’s name is hypocrisy in the extreme.” Editorial on Decision to Run for School Board

“If past track record is any indication, the odds will be overwhelmingly against Clement, who would be running to unseat incumbent Barbara Kanninen. On the other hand, uncontested elections are rarely a good thing in a democracy, and Clement has added to the civic conversation whenever she has run.” Editorial on Decision to Run for School Board

“I say this as one who likes Clement and thinks she brings valuable points of view to the community conversation: It’s time for her to stop running for office.”