PRESS RELEASE: Yes, Virginia. Arlington County Has a Spending Problem

October 7, 2017

Arlington County Board just voted to approve the design of a new Lubber Run Community Center with a whopping $47.9 million price tag. On top of that, the new Wilson High School is currently estimated to cost $100 million.

By comparison, the town of Vienna recently completed renovating its community center for just $6.5 million, and the cost of a new high school under construction in Loudoun County is $81.7 million —- much less than the projected cost for our new Wilson school.

And take a look at this …. It costs $18,957 per pupil per year to educate our children in Arlington, but, at the same time, it costs only $14,432 per pupil for Fairfax County School District to teach their kids.

Isn’t that ridiculous ??

It’s obvious that Arlington taxpayers are paying a lot more for the same public services than elsewhere in Northern Virginia. This is not only wasteful, it may also prove to be unsustainable.

Arlington County needs new leadership to reform the way our local government is administered. It needs Independent leadership!!!

As an Independent candidate and long-time civic activist–with a Ph.D. in Political Science and service as a Congressional Fellow, I am qualified to fill that role.

I advocate long range needs-based planning, not tricky fiscal bookkeeping fixes that the current County Board concocts to hide its funding for pet projects and programs.

You can help turn that situation around by electing an
Independent to Arlington County Board who will be accountable to the voters.

Arlington currently has one Independent on County Board, who is well respected among County residents. Let’s make it two!!!

To find out more about my campaign, visit my website. Better still you can make a difference by endorsing my candidacy, donating to my campaign, or volunteering to help me on Election Day.

Together we can make the “Arlington Way” more than an empty phrase.

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